Men / September 2020

Ask A Stylist: Second Edition

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If you’ve been wearing the same pair of sweatpants for the past several months, real talk—you’re not alone. Our new reality has given us the challenge of looking put-together enough for a video call but comfortable enough for working from the couch. 

For this edition of Ask A Stylist, we’re here to help you put a bit more thought into getting dressed even when there’s nobody to dress up for except your cat—or your webcam.

Question: I’m always home and I’ve been feeling like a slob. How do I maintain my sense of personal style when getting dressed feels like such a chore?

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Loungewear has newfound meaning in our lives—and the baggier the better. But instead of the traditional gray sweats, opt for something with a little more structure. Our Stay Loose Carpenter jeans are easy and cool without making you look schlubby. You’ll feel like you’re walking around in pajamas all day, but you’ll be prepared for those rare occasions when you need to step outside to get emergency supplies, such as wine. 

Complete your ‘90s look with something easy to toss on and off like our vintage Trucker Jacket and beanie.

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If you already wear black every day, you’re halfway there. Now just switch to some other color (maybe one that’s not so goth) like this mood-boosting lavender tee—and pair it with our 501® ‘93 Jeans. We recommend tucking your tee to balance the proportions and give it a little more attitude. It’s the quickest way to look put together—and you won’t have to change if you want to go for a quick walk.

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There’s no better time to experiment with prints now that we’re homebound. Start by picking something closer to what you would normally wear to the office, a.k.a. a nice (and clean) button-up shirt. Then add some interest and wear it with our marbled camo print shorts. If you feel like you’re breaking dress code rules, just remember that no one has to see you from the waist down.

Want more styling ideas? Check out our Off The Cuff: Style Tips section and our new men’s arrivals and new women’s arrivals. Show us how you dress at home with your favorite Levi’s® pieces by tagging @levis and #LiveInLevis on Instagram.

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