A Conversation with Ty Montgomery

December 18, 2017

Sports and style go hand-in-hand—and for many athletes, finding the right fit is the first step to looking their best. We talked with Ty Montgomery, Green Bay Packers running back, to get the lowdown on his approach to fashion, what he likes about living in Wisconsin and the best thing about Packers fans.


LEVI’S®: Would you say it’s been challenging for you to find the right pair of jeans?

TY: Yes, it’s been challenging. I have a muscular lower body, especially in the seat and thighs, and that’s where it’s been tough. Usually jeans are too small or too tight, or I have to go up a size and they’re too big in the waist.


Do you have a favorite pair of Levi’s®?

The 541 Athletic Fit. It’s a perfect fit for my legs. It feels good in the seat, in the thighs. There’s good stretch to them.


Do you have a Levi’s® story or a memory?

I’ve worn Levi’s® for a long time. Before the 541 Athletic Fit, I know it was the 501®. My brother used to steal my jeans because he liked them, too, so I always had to find another pair that would fit me right.

What’s your style like off the field? Are you a jeans guy?

It depends. I like wearing jeans. My wife likes it when I look nicer and don’t wear sweatpants or shorts, because that’s what I usually wear going into the facility every day of the week. I like feeling comfortable and casual, and I like what I wear to be versatile. I think that’s something I get in the 541. I can wear it and be casual, and I can throw on a different shirt and make it a little dressier.


Tell us a little bit about what it’s like playing for Green Bay.

I love the tradition of playing for the Packers. There’s so much there, and the community ties for the team run deep. It’s just an overall culture that I really like being a part of.


You’re a running back, so you’re well-known for your speed. If you had the choice, who would you want to race?

Actually, my uncle. I know for a fact I could beat him now, and I would love to do that. When I first started playing football, he used to run down the sideline with me as I was running for a touchdown. He would always beat me, and I’d always try to race him. As I got older, I noticed that he stopped racing me. I need to go ahead and beat him one time. He’s undefeated against me!


What’s your favorite thing about Wisconsin?

It’s a combination of the people, the food and the life itself. It’s casual and quiet, and I really enjoy being around the friends my wife and I have made, really enjoy being outside. The summers are beautiful. I enjoy the outdoor activities. I’m always in good company.


Tell us a little about your work with fostered youth.

I grew up with 17 foster brothers, so getting involved in the foster care system and spreading awareness about becoming a foster parent is something I’m passionate about, because there are a lot of people out there who don’t get the families they deserve or the love and support they need. The foster system isn’t as good as it could be, and I think it takes people to change things. We need to get good foster parents out there. It’s rewarding for both the parents and the child.


Back to style: Any advice for athletic guys looking for the perfect jeans?

You should feel comfortable in your jeans.