Product Authenticity

Levi Strauss & Co. is committed to enforcing its trademark and property rights and to prevent the sale of counterfeit products bearing its trademarks or designs. However, we are aware of counterfeit Levi's® product being sold online or in unauthorised stores.
Characteristics of counterfeit products vary from case to case. Two of the most recognizable Levi's® trademarks on our jeans are:
  • The Tab Device® trademark on the back pocket. 
  • The Arcuate Stitching Design® trademark on the back pockets. The Arcuate Stitching Design® trademark is easily recognized as the ‘double arcs’ displayed on each side of the back pocket.
In order to avoid the possibility of purchasing counterfeit jeans, we suggest you purchase our products from this website or an authorised Levi's® dealer.
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